Business Policies

What is C&T Massage Therapy's Privacy Policy?

At any time C&T Massage Therapy LLC. has the right of refusal. Not often but in certain situations C&T Massage Therapy LLC. will refuse to accept someone as a client and/or once the person is a client C&T Massage Therapy LLC. may refuse the client a return visit. Circumstances that this situation happens are when a client is rude, loud, inappropriate, soliciting our therapists for outside work, and other conditions not listed that C&T Massage Therapy LLC. see as unfit for this organization.

C&T Massage Therapy follows all the rules and regulations concerning any HIPPA laws. Autonomy is also followed by C&T Massage Therapy LLC.

Returns & Refunds

Returns on Merchandise only are accepted within 30 days of the purchase. Return Postage is paid by the purchaser and a comparable product of equal size, quality and price will be sent back to the purchaser as soon as the defect is checked in by C&T Massage Therapy LLC.

Massage Services and Gift Certificates are not returnable items. If a service is paid for and the client wants a refund, the refund will be given in the form of a Gift Certificate

What are C&T Massage Therapy's Terms & Conditions

1.) Before your first session, please allow 15 minutes to fill out a Health History Form unless you took the time to fill out the online Health History. If the client is not available 15 minutes prior to their first session and has not previously filled out the Health History Form, the time it takes to fill out the form is deducted from the massage time that has been paid for. After the initial visit the Health History Form will be updated yearly.

2.) Showing up more than 10 minutes to an appointment will result in time being removed from the session time.

3.) If a client is 20-minutes late or more, the appointment may be cancelled and the client is subject to the current cancellation policy.

4.) Packages state what is included in the package. All package pricing is firm and only in affect when paying prior to the beginning of the first session. Promotions are individualized and not used with any other promotions.

5.) Services cannot be combined but are allowed to be upgraded for the specified fee.

6.) Clients must be 18 years of age or older unless accompanied by a legal guardian.

7.) Cash or Credit Card payments available.

8.) Agreements subject to change at the determination of C&T Massage Therapy LLC.

9.) For more rules and what to expect, look at our Policy Procedures

What is the Purchase and Return Policy

All Sales are Final with C&T Massage Therapy LLC.

  • When purchasing Massage Services a client has the right to book their appointment unless monies are due to C&T Massage Therapy LLC., a membership contract is under suspension, and/or a client falls under C&T Massage Therapy LLC.'s privacy policy.
  • If a client charges their credit card instead of putting in a promo code, C&T Massage Therapy will credit the clients account with a Gift Certificate.
  • If a therapist or staff member of C&T Massage Therapy deem it not safe to work on a client, the client may be rejected for the massage until the client becomes safe to work on again and/or a doctors note is provided. The client is responsible for the cancellation of the appointment at a rate of $10 per 1/2 hour scheduled.
  • Sample reasons a massage therapist may refuse a client:

1.) The client is in a high risk pregnancy

2.) The client is sick

3.) The client is on antibiotics

4.) The client is undergoing treatment for cancer

5.) Organ failure

6.) The therapist feels unsafe working on the client

What liability does the client have to C&T Massage Therapy?

Clients are required to fill out a Health History intake form prior to our licensed massage therapist performing any bodywork. The Health History Intake form is a representation of the clients health, aches and pains. A client that signs the Health History Intake form is answering the questions truthfully. If a client does not answer a question truthfully and an injury occurs, the client is fully liable absolving the therapist and C&T Massage Therapy LLC. from any wrongdoing.

A client can be turned away for being sick. If this happens, the client is responsible for the cancellation fee of $10 per 1/2 hour scheduled.

A client that is on antibiotics or is undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy treatment from a physician will be turned away from receiving a massage from C&T Massage Therapy LLC as massage is a contraindication for these treatments.

How does your cancellation policies work?

C&T Massage Therapy's cancellation policy:

  1. If a client calls prior to 5 pm the previous day, there is no fee.
  2. A $10 per 1/2 hour scheduled cancellation fee associated with late cancellations when cancelled the same day.
  3. If a client does not call to cancel (within an hour of the appointment) and no shows the appointment, the client will be charged for the full service that they are scheduled for.

How do I Cancel a Membership?

C&T Massage Therapy LLC.'s policy for cancellation is as follows:

  1. A cancellation of a membership contract must be in writing as to let the business know to start the official cancellation paperwork.
  2. C&T Massage Therapy will receive the paperwork and fill out the Early Cancellation Form, CT50.
  3. After cancellation fees are calculated into Form CT50, the form is sent to headquarters to either charge the appropriate fees to the client, or issue an account credit and/or refund.
  4. The client should expect a letter stating that the policy was cancelled and the owed, credit, or refund amounts.
  5. Once C&T Massage Therapy LLC receives a cancellation notice, the members account will not be charged until all aspects of the process are closed.