How do I Cancel a Membership?

C&T Massage Therapy LLC.'s policy for cancellation is as follows:

  1. A cancellation of a membership contract must be in writing and at least 30-days prior to the next payment. If the cancellation in writing is not within 30-days, another payment will be charged to the members account.
  2. Cancellations after 6-months of an Active Policy, do not have a fee associated with cancellation (after the 30-day written notice).
  3. Cancellations prior to the 6-months of Active Contract are charged a Last Payment Cancellation Fee.
  4. If C&T Massage Therapy does not have an Active Credit Card on file for 2 membership payments, the members policy will terminate with $180 in fees due. 2-months of non-payment is considered a Breach-of-Contract.
  • To ensure proper cancellation prior to a membership charge, please allow 30-days for the process to complete.