What is C&T Massage Therapy's Privacy Policy?

Right of Refusal

At any time C&T Massage Therapy LLC. has the right of refusal. Not often but in certain situations C&T Massage Therapy LLC. will refuse to accept someone as a client and/or once the person is a client C&T Massage Therapy LLC. may refuse the client a return visit. Circumstances that this situation happens are when a client is rude, loud, inappropriate, soliciting our therapists for outside work, and other conditions not listed that C&T Massage Therapy LLC. see as unfit for this organization.

C&T Massage Therapy follows all the rules and regulations concerning any HIPPA laws. Autonomy is also followed by C&T Massage Therapy LLC.

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Illicitness, or Sexual Behavior of any kind is not permitted at C&T Massage Therapy LLC. Any client or therapist that violates any Sexual Misconduct will be removed from the business and/or fired The police will be called.

C&T Massage Therapy LLC. has strict policies against Sexual Misconduct.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become a problem in recent years. Human Trafficking is when a person is held against their Will and in many cases are forced to work for free. As a company, a massage therapist, and even a good moral person should report Human Trafficking if there is reason to do so. The toll-free number to report Human Trafficking is:


C&T Massage Therapy LLC. is an advocate against Human Trafficking.

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking is not only illegal but morally wrong. Sex trafficking is when people are removed from their environment and forced into a sexual environment against their Will. Anyone who see or believes they see Sexual Trafficking occurring, must report this or these occurrences to the appropriate authorities. A few numbers that can be used to report this activity are:



C&T Massage Therapy LLC. is an advocate against Sex Trafficking.