What is the Purchase and Return Policy

All Sales are Final with C&T Massage Therapy LLC.

  • When purchasing Massage Services a client has the right to book their appointment unless monies are due to C&T Massage Therapy LLC., a membership contract is under suspension, and/or a client falls under C&T Massage Therapy LLC.'s privacy policy.
  • If a therapist or staff member of C&T Massage Therapy deem it not safe to work on a client, the client may be rejected for the massage until the client becomes safe to work on again and/or a doctors note is provided. The client is responsible for the cancellation according to C&T Massage Therapy's Cancellation Policy.
  • Sample reasons a massage therapist may refuse a client:

1.) The client is in a high risk pregnancy or within the 1st Trimester

2.) The client is sick

3.) The client is on antibiotics

4.) The client is undergoing treatment for cancer

5.) Organ failure

6.) Blood Clots

7.) Skin Diseases

8.) The therapist feels unsafe working on the client