What liability does the client have to C&T Massage Therapy?

Clients are required to fill out a Client Intake form prior to our licensed massage therapist performing any bodywork. The Client Intake form is a representation of the clients health, aches and pains. A client that signs the Client Intake form is answering the questions truthfully. If a client does not answer a question truthfully and an injury occurs, the client is fully liable absolving the therapist and C&T Massage Therapy LLC. from any wrongdoing.

A client can be turned away for being sick. If this happens, the client is responsible for the cancellation fee according to the cancellation policy of C&T Massage Therapy LLC.

A client that is on antibiotics or is undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy treatment, or is in their 1st trimester of pregnancy will be turned away from receiving a massage from C&T Massage Therapy LLC as massage is a contraindication for these treatments.