Elite Pain Relief Membership

Our Elite Pain Relief Membership entitles the Member to 1 60-minute Customized Deep Tissue Massage a month. This membership is meant to help someone with their pain through relief of massage and Hot/Cold Stone Therapy.

  • 1 60-minute Customized Deep Tissue Massage
  • $89.95 for 6-months and month-to-month after that
  • 1 Free Hot/Cold Stone Therapy during session
  • Extra 60-minute massages $60
  • Get your Full-Time on the Table
  • Free in-session PRB Aromatherapy
  • Free In-Room Thermotherapy
  • Reduced Service Costs
  • 25% Reduced In-Room Upgrade Costs
  • 10% off Products
  • Points-to-Cash

If you are ready for a healthy Pain Relief regiment, then go to our Memberships and start today.