Pain Relief Membership

With our Pain Relief Membership, not only will you receive a Customized Swedish, Deep Tissue or Pre-Natal Massage a month for only $70, but look at the rest of your savings:

  • Your monthly massages are able to rollover to the next month as long as your contract is in an Active or Frozen Status.
  • Your massages are able to be stacked (i.e. 2 60-minute massages may be used for 1 2-hour massage).
  • A member can add up to 3 friends and/or family members to their policies so that the member rates are applied to those friends and/or family members.
  • Automatic 10% Discount on Products.
  • Free In-Room Aromatherapy & Thermotherapy.
  • 6-month Contract with Auto-Renew unless cancelled.

Membership Extras

  • In-Room Upgrade w/ CBD $15 Reg. $20
  • In-Room Upgrade w/ Hot Stones $15 Reg. $20
  • In-Room Upgrade w/ Cupping $15 Reg. $20
  • In-Room Upgrade with NMT $15 Reg. $20
  • 30-minute Massage $37.99 Reg $44.99
  • 60-minute Massage $60.00 Reg. $89.95
  • 90-minute Massage $97.99 Reg. $134.95
  • 120-minute Massage $120.00 Reg. $179.90
  • Specialty Massages $124.95 Reg. $134.95

If you are ready for a healthy Pain Relief regiment, then go to our Memberships and start today.